Sunday, December 1, 2013

Playing Catch Up

Welp, I did some much needed updating to the blog. Got my background from I like it much better than the last one.
I know, I know, it has been much too long since my last post. So, finally, to appease the wondering, I will quickly catch up on the last six months of life. So much to report, but I will recount the highlights.
As is true with me and all possible forms of communication, I fail to be consistent. However, sissykins has a most excellent blog to view at and she is always keeping it updated. Her life as a newlywed is far more exciting, check it out!
This is an accurate depiciton of my living room on a typical Tuesday/Wednesday/Saturday/Sunday. Grad school has taken over my life! Whoever decided that teaching full time and getting a graduate degree was NUTS! I never realized how much I would have to sacrifice for this...I sincerely hope it is worth it.
Working hard, one stack of reading at a time...

These girlies and their parents have been in my life since I was 11. Sweet Sammy Love has cerebral palsy and I have been blessed to work with her since she was 2. Her sixteenth birthday is just weeks away! I cannot believe how quickly she has grown and how much progress she has made over the years. These girls call me sister and share their lives with me. I am so proud of each of them and all of their accomplishments and thankful for the opportunity to watch them grow into amazing women of God.


               Moments with My Girls!

 Pops and I have continued our running streak, although our consistency has started to dwindle. With grad school and added stress on the work front, for both of us, running has proven to be quite a challenge this season. Pops informed me his long distance running days are coming to an end. That news was tragic...doesn't he know he isn't allowed to abandon me on the road until I have another long term running buddy?!?!

Spooky Science Day in my classroom.
Students created and observed chemical
reactions themed around Halloween.
 I guess I'd think that was pretty fun too!
"I'm a party dude so that's why I like your class u make it fun."
So, to reference my friend Jessie, I have 'taken a seat on the struggle bus' this year! Gah, teaching is not the thrilling experience I hoped it would be. I love it, don't get me wrong, but the fun has really been sucked out of this career. If you follow the fabulous Love, Teach Blog,, you know what I mean when I say it is not a year of puppies and rainbows. This year has been a challenge! I got this note last week and it made me giggle. No matter how tough the days are, I know God has placed me here for a purpose and there is beauty in His plan. This kid gets something out of my class each day and finds it relatable. I must be doing something right. Thankful for treasures like this...and yes, I will keep it for the future book.

But for the exciting part, CHRISTMAS IS RIGHT AROUND THE CORNER!!!! I have waited all year for this! I LOVE LOVE LOVE the holidays! It can't get here fast enough! We got to be completely selfish with Annie and BoPants during Thanksgiving...and I must say I loved every second of it! I wasn't sure if I was prepared for how holidays would change now that they are married, but I was pleasantly surprised with how much things stayed the same. They are just fabulous and I am so thankful lil BoPants fits in our family so well.

If you are a lucky recipient of The Ayers Annual Christmas Card, you know you have the legendary Bear Picture to look forward to. That's right, another glorius Ayers Family Tradition! This white bear stud has been around longer than I have been. My parents shot our first family Christmas card with that bear the year I was born. Every year, we take a 'Bear Picture' and include items nostalgic to what we are involved in for that year. I won't post the real deal photo in fears momma might be uuber upset that I spoiled her grand photo, but I thought you might enjoy the outtakes. And yes, BoPants has officially made the Christmas card this year! I was particularly uncooperative this year. Eh, we have to have at least a little fun with it.

Every year, for my mom's birthday, I purchase momma some unique holiday decorations and help her decorate her house for the holidays. We got quite a bit accomplished on Black Friday. BoPants even got a stocking to add to the mantle. However, we are still in search of the perfect stocking holder. Best part about the coming month is ALL of my Christmas shopping done. That's right, all presents purchased, and most of them wrapped. Yes, it is a remarkable feeling!! I cannot wait for the blessing of this holiday season!
One last inspirational nugget until next time! I always forget how much joy I find in writing. It is so easy to get caught up in the pressures of the world and the expectations today brings. But, there is more to life than living out the agenda. Take time out for you this Holiday season and do what makes you happy. Find joy in the small things and do something special to bless someone around you. After all, it's all about
Life's Simple Pleasures


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