Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Christmas Is Just Around The Corner!

I know, I know…It’s been ages since I posted. I’ve been away from Grilla (my computer). Actually, Grilla has been away from me. Seriously, a $10 upgrade ended up costing almost as much as buying a new computer would have cost. I don’t understand my luck with electronics! I always have issues that tend to stump the professionals. I guess that’s kind of just the story of my life. However, I think it is inevitable for the girls in my family to break their electronics. My sister is a freshman in the middle of finals. She spilled coffee all over Oscar (her computer)! She’s afraid to turn him on and I don’t blame her. It brings back tragic memories of my freshman year! I told her if Grilla could stick it out this long, Oscar could too. I guess we’ll see when she comes home…TODAY!!!! I AM SO EXCITED! I miss her so much and it has only been 15 days since I saw her.

College is basically over for me. I turned in all of my semester portfolios last week and took one final. All I have left is student teaching and that is more than exciting. I have been looking forward to ST for as long as I can remember. I cannot believe how fast college has flown by!

I have been so involved on and off campus, but I have officially passed the torch to new leaders. We had officer transition for KD last week. The girl taking over VP-Standards is a perfect fit. I am so proud of her and excited to see what she has in store for members. My year on Council went by so fast! I have so much free time now that it is over and I’m not sure yet if I like that. I will definitely fill it with something else, but it will be strange not being as involved. I am going to enjoy being a senior member though. I’m looking forward to enjoying the fun aspects of the sorority without the stress of being a leader. The last semester is probably one of the most enjoyable!

Can you believe that Christmas is here??? I cannot believe how close it is. I mean, I haven’t even had time to use my countdown chart! I feel like I’ve missed out! No worries, my home is decked out for Christmas. It was so much fun decorating the house for Christmas. Of course, I have plenty of d├ęcor to display and I made an event of it complete with hot cocoa and country Christmas music. I look forward to turning the lights on when company is coming. I’ve had two Christmas parties and multiple friends over for supper. I really enjoy friends gathering at my house. I like the excuse to cook my favorite recipes for a large group. I like the company and the conversation. The holidays are when I make time for this, but I should do it more often. Maybe I’ll work on that with the coming of the New Year. I’m ready for my sissy to be home so it will really feel like the holidays. I like having the whole family together all snuggled in my parent’s house!

So, I made a huge adjustment in my life. I have been taking A LOT of medication for the past 9 years to control my Fibromyalgia. It has been a roller coaster of a ride and it has been a challenge to cope. Personally, I think I cope quite well. I never let it stop me from getting involved. Most people would never know I even have a problem as I go and go and go. I really hate taking the pills though. I am a bit of a health freak I don’t care to put chemicals in my body, especially when we really do not know the long term effects. My mom and I have been looking into alternative methods of treatment and I have tried a few with no success. I was really ready to give up. This past year has been the hardest I’ve encountered yet. I was getting nervous to start a career in my current state. However, my mom’s faith is stronger than mine, and she kept looking for a solution. She set an appointment with a new doctor the week of Thanksgiving, and that appointment changed everything. I found out I am allergic to wheat. It sounds like it has nothing to do with FS. Apparently, the symptoms for FS and a wheat allergy are similar. My allergy is digestive. My body cannot process wheat products and therefore causes “issues”. He suggested a drastic change in diet with a few other restrictions and a completely holistic approach to management of my FS. That means no more chemicals for me! I’m trying a new regimen with all natural supplements. I cannot even begin to tell you how much better I feel. It’s remarkable!

Cutting wheat out days before Thanksgiving was tough. Wheat is in EVERYTHING! Things you wouldn’t think of like soup, dressing, soy sauce, seasonings, etc. Everyone knows I am a foodie! I love to eat food, talk food, and read about food…you get the point. To discover I could not eat the majority of things I am used to was a bit devastating, at first. I was hungry all the time and felt like I was missing out on all my favorites. But, it has gotten easier even in the short time I have known. It is much easier to turn down my favorite foods when I feel this good. Realizing I could eat those foods and feel miserable is a pretty good discourager. I have pretty much cut wheat out of my diet completely. I’ve only made a few exceptions…onion rings in Nashville and scraping pie off the crust. But, I have found some good alternatives to my favorite foods. Eating out is the hardest part. Basically, I can have salad without dressing and that’s about it. I hate being obnoxious and asking special questions about food ingredients. I like cooking at home because I can control the ingredients. It is more expensive to eat wheat-free, but it is worth it.

If you have any suggestions for eating wheat-free, I’d appreciate your comments!

I hope this season is a happy one for you and your family. Enjoy every moment and make the most of the time you have together. Don’t forget the reason we celebrate. Remember to give to those who do not have and volunteer your time. We are truly blessed to have all that we do.

God bless you and Merry Christmas!