Friday, June 28, 2013

The Land of Tea and Crumpets

Mom, pops, and I in our hotel room.
Who was the monkey in the middle??

Mom and pops have arrived! It was so exciting to see them. It's like a sudden sense of comfort came over me when I saw them. I enjoy exploring by myself, but it's nice to have them along as companions. I have moved from the teeny tiny flat into the hotel with the parents. I am quite the nomad theses days. 

Thumbs up for basement Thai restaurant!

We lucked into a disabled hotel room which happens to be huge! In fact, I'm pretty sure the bathroom alone is the size of Annie and Bo's entire flat! Best part, I don't have to shimmy sideways to get in the shower...enough said. 

Best part about mom and dad being here is they were able to bring us some items we were missing. Mom brought me my favorite night lotion. I already feel more at home.  They also brought my favorite pillow case, which makes sleeping on the floor a bit more homely, and a couple packs of gum. FYI, gum is not cheap in Europe and tastes funny here. Never thought I'd be so happy to see Extra! 

I rarely travel with my mother without her having a plan. But, for the first evening, she didn't, so it was left to me to help us stumble upon a good supper venue. That, I can handle! We came across a Thai restaurant tucked away in the basement of a building. I know, what you're thinking...sketch. But, it was affordable, and delicious. Fastest and best service I've had in Europe. The jet lag was getting them,  so it was an early night for us all. 

Flash,Bang Wallop! Blowing things up at The Science Museum!
The following morning we embodied every aspect of tourism. I swear my parents snapped pictures of Big Ben from every possible angle. We went to Trafalgar Square, toured the Supreme Court of London, and walked along the river. Mom pulled out the map at every other corner. I shunned her for looking like a tourist and she said, "I think I'm obviously a tourist by the way I am dressed...I'm not worried about the map." 

Entering the Natural History Museum via the Earth's Interior Escalator!
We ate Mexican food for lunch (again), walked through Kensington Gardens and Hyde Park,  and went back to my favorite destination...The Science Museum. This time, it was even better! We went to a show in the kiddie zone where they did demos that exploded. I'm pretty sure we were the only participants above the age of 12. But, I was loving it!! Then, we went through the medical exhibits. I spent forever in the gift shop, and both my parents were great sports about it.

Our annual flower picture...always mom's favorite.
High Tea Gluten Free set-up just for me!
What a treat! 
Friday brought with it lots of the rain. That's more like London, but thus far, I have been lucky to miss the rain. Don't get me wrong, rain is my favorite, but I like it when I can stay inside and drink coffee and read, not walk all over the city. We went to the Natural History Museum where my family allowed me to do more scientific research. This time pops became a nerd with me! We  met Bo for lunch at a delicious British restaurant and saw St. Paul's Cathedral and Harrod's before relaxing at High Tea. I think we all agreed that High Tea was the trip highlight so far...aside from the science museums of course! 

Tomorrow is the surprise excursion that momma and a family friend planned for us. The end of my trip is quick approaching so I'm living every experience to the fullest! 

Sissykins and I pretending to be rulers of our prospective
countries in courtroom 3 of the London Supreme Court.

Imitators of the swan. We were tired of the serious pose.

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  1. Well done...granddaughter of mine. Now it's time to come home and get back to the grind..Glad you had a good trip this time. Can't wait to hear all about it.