Sunday, November 11, 2012

 What a crazy week this has been! I drove in from Annie’s engagement weekend late Sunday night. With no energy, I showered and crashed, awakening to yet another busy week. My students did experiments Monday and Tuesday, and Wednesday we played “I Spy a Chemical Reaction” making real world connections to physical and chemical changes around our campus. Wednesday afternoon, my parents and I hit the road for Corpus Christi for the annual Conference for the Advancement of Science Teachers (CAST) where I would be receiving my award. We stopped in San Antonio to spend the night with the grandparents. Thursday morning, we arrived beach side for a day of geeky excitement.

Pops and I after a successful presentation.
My amazing co-presenter, Ashley
Thursday was memorable for so many reasons. I forget how much I enjoy going to conferences, but each experience is better than the last. I run into so many friends that are on the same crazy, educational adventure as myself. My dear friend and I got to catch up over lunch. We reminisced over all our college memories. My, how things have changed in two short years! My Texas Tech CISER family was there in science style with support and smiles. I definitely miss those days. I presented two workshops, one with a friend and one with my dad. Both presentations went quite smoothly. My friend is an impressive presenter. I cannot wait to see where her career takes her. She is going to be very successful in the classroom.

The best part about the experience was having my Knight support. My principal arranged for the science department to come to CAST in support of my award. I was more excited for all of them to get the CAST experience in all its geeky glory! I had no idea how special it would be to have all of them there. I still can’t believe they orchestrated that on my behalf. I am so blessed to work at a school with such strong community among co-workers and a supportive infrastructure.
The Knight Science Department was there to support...
Principal not pictured as he was in transit.

I absolutely love working with kids and being in the classroom. I recognize my passion for teaching and my gift for communicating with children; however, there is a part of me that enjoys teaching teachers. I get a high from sharing my stories with other teachers in hopes that, they too, will have success with their students. I get excited to present and could see myself making a career of it in the future. The question is, could I do it without missing my kiddoes? What would I do without the hysterical daily comment? I’m sure the answers to those questions will come in time.

The 2012 award winners for the state of Texas
In the meantime, I am eager to get back to my kids. I am excited for them to test this week and prove to themselves that they know this material. I am thankful to have a calm weekend ahead to relax and rejuvenate. I am grateful to have a job I look forward to working each and every day. 

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