Sunday, November 11, 2012

They're Goin to the Chapel!

Happy Engagement Lovebirds!
We often make the joke that my life is a lifetime movie. There is always a good story and unusual occurrences in my world. Not to worry, no kidnappings or murder weapons, just out of the ordinary laughable stories that are not fit for the Hallmark network. As I drove to College Station for my sister’s surprise engagement, I thought to myself, “I’m taking a break from the Lifetime Network and venturing into the land of Hallmark.” Smiles, kisses, tears, and most obviously, love. The real kind of love that makes your heart warm, not the infatuation we have demoralized love to be.

Torn out book pages hung on twine with hand painted letters
It was my favorite Hallmark movie yet! Sissykins was so excited. Yes, she was surprised. She knew it was coming, but was uncertain of the actual moment. She had no idea Bo would bring an entourage. Nor, did she know it would be in College Station in order for her to share the moment with her closest friends. For me, the best part was the preparation. Once Bo told me his plan, I began planning my portion, food and decorations. Now, that I can do! I scouted out the perfect decorations and carefully planned the menu for their engagement celebration. Everything fell together perfectly.

Modgepodged book for letters from friends, old record decorated with fabric paint on a vintage record player

Cake ball stand made with old book ages,
ribbon and twine atop vintage books

The sweetest part for me was speaking with Bo the days leading up to the big moment. He asked my advice on whom to include, what to wear, and how to get Annie distracted. I think he wins the award for Best Bro-In-Law, and he isn’t even official yet. I have been part of multiple weddings, but never in the planning of a proposal.
Table set-up with hand painted 'love' sign
The proposal was perfectly them. No other couple would do it quite the same way. It was wonderfully sweet and they were precious to watch as they retold the story to friend after friend. Annie was extremely pleased with the ring Bo selected and his decision to go with rose gold. It looks stunning on her delicate fingers.

Annie and Bo have an unusual relationship. Though they have been in a long distance relationship for two years, in many ways, they are closer than other couples I know. I couldn't put any two better together more perfectly. They encourage each other and support each other in ways no one else can. Bo treats Annie as a gentleman should. His affection for her is proof that Godly men do exist and a man like that is worth the wait.

I didn’t think plans for a wedding would come together so quickly, but she has frugally amazed me thus far. In less than a week, the biggest details are settled. Dress shopping has commenced and it was so much fun to see her dressed up in gown after gown. I wait with anticipation for May 24, a day I will always remember as a special day for our family.

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