Saturday, August 20, 2011

My Very First Classroom

Playing teacher in momma's office. 

This post has been a long time in the making. When I was younger, my parents kept a Norman Rockwell book with an annual rundown of the child we were that year. Every  year since 1st grade, my future profession has been teaching. The grade level I dreamed of teaching has changed, but the dream itself is still the same. 

I have been hoarding classroom necessities forever. Finally, I have a use for them. I am teaching 6th grade science this year. I could not be more thrilled. I really like the first year of middle school, and I LOVE teaching science. I can't wait for what this year has in store. 

People have been begging to see pictures of my classroom. It took much longer to get it ready than I thought it would. I still have quite a bit to do, but this is basically what it will look like. 

 I covered my bulletin boards with fabric. Fabric absorbs some of the echo (which is a huge problem in my room), and holds up better than butcher paper. I cut out the letters for the board from Science magazines. 

I used zebra print duct tape to separate the boards. My clock came from Target, and I made the 'Agenda' letters using scrapbook paper. The Christmas tree was left behind by the previous teacher, and I WILL leave it up year around on account of my love for Christmas! I've had these rope lights hanging in my room at my parent's house since I was in 7th grade...they still work.

My Science wordle has been the topic of many a discussion. I created it using the Texas standards for 6th grade science and designed it using It's fabulous!

 The demonstration table didn't get painted with the rest of the room. I actually like it unpainted...kinda vintage. 

I do not know how to sew, but I sure did hot glue these curtains together myself! It's amazing how much of a difference the window treatments made!

The WOW wall is my favorite. My sister modgepodged the letters for me. The Caution idea came from Pinterest...imagine that. The sign says "Under Construction: Awaiting Student Work" Can't wait to display my student work and take the sign down!

I feel like this chair speaks for itself!!

 I teach regular and Pre-AP Science. Regular and Pre-AP will have separate folders. This wall will help students keep track of their make up work. There is a file folder for each day of the week. Their make-up assignments will be in the designated day folder with their name on it. I had to have my beloved zebra print in here somewhere!
 Door decor...vital! The letters are elements spelling 'Science Matters'. 
This is my personal corner! I know I'll be first to arrive and last to leave fairly frequently, so I need a comfy space where I'm likely to work. 

Let's Play I SPY: Can you find all the items I picked up at garage sales?

1. Lamps...$12 for all of them
2. Turquoise Chair...$3
3. Bumble Bees and Butterflies...$5 for all
4. Metal Mailbox...$5
5. White file caddy...$1
6. Picture frames...50 cents
There are more items not pictured

I also collected an area rug from a teacher friend! Making friends is the BEST resource!!!

I have had so much fun putting my room together. I never would have imagined it would take so long. I couldn't have done it without the help of my sweet friend Ashley. She has done so much for me! She is going to make a great teacher!

Now, my classroom is ready, and I am onto lesson planning. There is so much I want to accomplish and so many ways I want to teach the material. I just have to remember what my pops said..."You will never get it all done. You will always think of one more thing you could have done. Do your best, but don't expect perfection"

After all, “Striving for excellence is healthy. Striving for perfection is neurotic.”

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  1. I love you classroom! You're going to be the best teacher :)