Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Chicago, a City of Bliss

 As a reward for graduating college, unmarried, tattoo, and baby free, my momma planned a family vacation to Chicago! We had the best time. Chicago may not be on the top of most people's travel list, but I thought it would be a neat place to visit. My family does a lot of traveling, so we have been to many of the popular cities. Now, I can cross Chicago off the list!

We did more touristy things than usual, such as riding up to look out Willis Tower, Navy Pier on 4th of July, Millenium Park for an evening concert, the Art Institute, an architecture boat tour, window shopping the Magnificent Mile, etc. But, we also took some time to see the city for what it truly is.

My favorite thing about traveling is seeing how the locals live. I love to walk their neighborhoods, eat at the local restaurants and watch as they live their daily life. I enjoy sitting at a park bench watching the young couples walk by hand in hand, families walking their dogs, and old ladies getting in a bit of exercise. There is nothing better than running through the streets at sunrise, and walking home on a full stomach after supper as the sun sets in the distance. Really, the world isn't all that different wherever you go. People are all very much alike. Their environments and circumstances mold their facades, but at our hearts, we are really all the same.

One of the things on my Life List (don't worry, that will be my next post), is to eventually own my own business. I want to have a bakery/coffee shop/ cafe wherever I end up living. I have spent the past few months creating a style notebook with some of my ideas for decor, menu items, and advertising. On this particular trip, I took lots of pictures of store fronts I like. I have no idea what will actually come to fruition, but these are some of my ideas. Let me know what you think!
I LOVE the flower sign

What a great sign

Chalkboard menu...mirrors add a nice touch
Rise and Shine, It's breakfast time!
Menu ideas, I like the lighting
Now, that is my kind of chandelier
Blue corner shop with porch dining
Store Front 

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